Matador Network: Why Charmey, Switzerland is the Best Base for Mountain Adventures

“WITH ITS HIGHLY developed network of trails that make the Alps accessible to trekkers of varying abilities, Switzerland is one of the world’s best-known hiking destinations. Though tackling steep inclines to reach breathtaking views may very well be the reason for a trip to Switzerland, there’s even more to experience between hikes. Getting out into the mountains is best done by staying in a mountain town, and we can’t think of a better one than Charmey in the country’s Gruyere region. Here’s how — and why — to base yourself in Charmey when exploring the Swiss Alps.”

Read the full story on Matador Network.

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  1. patrickmwamba

    Thankyou for this helpful information

    I will be looking forward to join you in my vacation trip there in switzerland.I have a feeling that my stay there willl be enjoyable and memomarable.

    Thankyou for your time.Keep updating on the new touring places.

    yours faithfully



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