Paste: Three Ways to Keep Cool in Asheville, NC

“There’s something in the water in AshevilleNorth Carolina, and it’s more than you with a local brew in hand. Asheville is home to a kind of magic that manifests in the ability to wind along the French Broad River from brewery to brewery, forage in one of the world’s most diverse biospheres and walk among mountains older than the Himalayas, all before returning to the city for a night out in a relaxed town brimming with Southern hospitality. Of course a city this special has found its own way to relax while avoiding the heat that settles in below the Blue Ridge during the hottest months of the year. These three ways to unwind with a twist will undoubtedly catch your attention during the dog days of summer.”


Read the full story over at Paste.

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  1. harriet

    Thanks for sharing! The humidity in Asheville can be ridiculous sometimes


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