Mashed: Samin Nosrat Discusses Waffles+Mochi, Salt Fat Acid Heat, and More

In early March, I was lucky enough to spend some time interviewing author and chef Samin Nosrat ahead of her appearance in Netflix’s latest show, Waffles+Mochi. Over the next few weeks, Mashed will run quite a few stories based on my interview. Keep an eye out for them on the website and as the list grows here.

Samin Nosrat Dishes on Waffles+Mochi

What Samin Nosrat Hopes Viewers Will Take Away From Waffles+Mochi

The Mistake People Make with Salt According to Samin Nosrat

Samin Nosrat Reveals What Makes Really Great Pizza

Why Samin Nosrat Cooks With So Much Cardamom

The One Kitchen Tool Samin Nosrat Can’t Live Without

The One Chef Samin Nosrat Would Like To Cook With

Samin Nosrat’s Tips for New Home Cooks

Full Interview with Samin Nosrat

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