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  • Mashed: Food x Environmentalism

    Mashed: Food x Environmentalism

    These stories were some I’ve written for Mashed that I am most proud of. They tackle two separate but difficult issues in environmentalism that the food industry faces. Amazon Just Made a Big Change To Its Food Packaging Why These Coconut-Harvesting Monkeys Are Causing Such a Stir

  • Mashed: New Celebrity Food Shows

    Mashed: New Celebrity Food Shows

    Though we are only three months into the year, 2021 has already been ripe with great new food and cooking television shows with celebrity hosts. These stories for Mashed cover just a few of my favorites. Everything You Need To Know About Michelle Obama’s New Cooking Show, Waffles + Mochi Everything You Need To Know […]

  • Mashed: Tips and Facts for Burgeoning Oenophiles

    Mashed: Tips and Facts for Burgeoning Oenophiles

    Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been spending time reading and learning about wine on a deeper level. These stories for Mashed were some of my favorites on wine. This is What It Takes To Become a Sommelier The Weird Reason Sommeliers Avoid Artichokes The Reason All Wines Actually Contain Sulfites French Wine Might Become Hard to […]

  • Mashed: Travel x Food

    Mashed: Travel x Food

    Though it’s been a long year without travel, I’ve taken every opportunity I could to write about travel through food that I could. These are a few of my favorites for Mashed. You’ve Been Drinking Ouzo Wrong This Whole Time The Difference Between Zeppole and Beignets Why Halva Might Be The Most Culturally Diverse Candy […]

  • Mashed: All Things Barefoot Contessa

    Mashed: All Things Barefoot Contessa

    I like many am an avid fan of Ina Garten. Naturally, I’ve covered her every chance I could get for Mashed. Why Ina Garten Always Keeps a Jar of Spoons on Her Kitchen Counter This is Who Ina Garten Would Invite to Her Dream Dinner Party This is The Best Brand of Chocolate for Baking, […]

  • Mashed: Pirate Joe’s

    Mashed: Pirate Joe’s

    I recently learned about Pirate Joe’s, a knock-off Trader Joe’s that was once in Canada. I love Trader Joe’s and was naturally amused by this story, so I wrote about it for Mashed. Read the whole story here.

  • Mashed: Make the most of your garden veggies

    Mashed: Make the most of your garden veggies

    If you’re elbow-deep in fresh produce thanks to a local farmer’s market or your own summer garden, these articles I recently wrote for Mashed might come in handy: • Why you should save brown vegetables, read the full story here • How to correctly freeze fresh, raw veggies, read the full story here