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  • USA Today: The Mountains of Northern Italy

    USA Today: The Mountains of Northern Italy

    A new hiking trail, La Via degli Dei, or “The Path of the Gods,” was recently announced by Bologna Welcome, the city’s tourism board. The 80-mile path traces ancient trade routes and connects Bologna and Florence across the Apennines, through the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano and Foreste Casentinesi national parks. Travelers roving the new development will encounter […]

  • Italy by Rail

    Italy by Rail

    Rolling across Italy on Rail Europe’s state-of-the-art high speed railways means visiting cities—both large and small—in a matter of hours. Moving at speeds of up to 220 mph, riding the rails has the appeal of slow travel with the convenience of modern immediacy. A journey from Venice to Rome can be made in just under […]

  • Take Five: Gourmet Bologna

    Take Five: Gourmet Bologna

    Half an hour north of Florence, Italy, Bologna is a small but dense city built with arched colonnades, hidden canals and ancient towers. Home to the world’s oldest university founded in 1088, the Biblioteca Salaborsa and Archiginnasio, a carved wooden anatomical theater, is just one block from the city center, Piazza Maggiore. Though there is […]