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  • The Classic City’s Classic Eats

    The Classic City’s Classic Eats

    Athens, Georgia, is more than the home of the University of Georgia and a longstanding music scene; the small town is a foodie’s dream. Brimming with starving students, struggling musicians, well-heeled professors and worldly patrons, the city delivers a wide range of restaurant choices. Many of the community’s eateries utilize homegrown, seasonal or sustainable sources […]

  • The Classic City’s Classic Venues

    The Classic City’s Classic Venues

    Music is deeply entrenched into Athens, Georgia. Neutral Milk Hotel, Drive By Truckers, Perpetual Groove and even Zach Brown Band all call Athens home or received their start in the small college town. From the well-established and epochal venues to the unsuspecting, these are the five venues to visit in the Classic City. Lace up […]