The Benefits of a Gap Year

Over the past 3 years, my travels, instincts, and time away from classes taught me more about myself than anything I experienced before. Had I taken a gap year, I might have realized earlier where I should have been all along. One thought I’m sure of: when I cross the stage in May 2018 to receive my college degrees, I will not regret a single delay in the six-year process. Life is not on an arrival-departure schedule, and I will always be contemplating which direction to follow next.

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The Essential Books for Home Bartending

Amid the current cocktail revitalization, shaking up a classic or twisting familiar flavors will impress all houseguests. Like any good cocktail, there are three components to becoming a skilled bartender. Each of our selected books specializes in one of those components: stocking the bar, crafting a balanced drink and expanding on the range of recipes.

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Best Bites: Greenville, South Carolina

At first glance, the restaurant landscape in GreenvilleSouth Carolina may appear familiar to those who set off for Charleston’s Rainbow Row during its’ recent travel surge. It doesn’t take long to find the upstate city is brimming with modernized southern cuisine and a commitment to local sources. But, let’s face it: the South is more than mac ‘n cheese and barbecue. Foodies passing through and locals alike can find updated staple dishes amid the signature cuisine along with globally-influenced fare in Greenville.

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Take Five: Health and Wellness Retreats in Bozeman, Montana

It’s a Monday afternoon in Bozeman, Montana, where 30 minutes after arriving at The LARK, my home base for the duration of the trip, I was out the door again and headed south toward the Spanish mountains. I passed a cyclist pedaling up hill before driving over the dam of the Hyalite reservoir where people canoed in front of snowcapped peaks. Once I reached the trailhead, I set off up the relatively flat one-mile walk to Palisade Falls. What I saw at the top wasn’t just the popular waterfall, but quite a range of locals taking advantage of the outdoors so close to home.

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How to Survive the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

“Under electric candlelight in a storeroom at Woodford Reserve, one of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail’s most atmospheric distilleries, feet shuffle down a wood-planked floor. The door scrapes shut, and Stacey Oxlade, a guide of 3 years, lifts the first glass declaring, “This is Kentucky communion. You’re blessed.” …”

I recently hoped on a bus and traveled down the Bourbon Trail with the band Wild Ponies. What an experience! If you go, I’ve put together a few tips and lessons over at Paste Travel.

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