Travel Safety in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has held an air of mystery and seclusion since the days of the Cold War and the breakup of Yugoslavia. Traveling in these countries is as safe as traveling in Western Europe, and the sites within the region often surpass the highlights of Western Europe. Whether the destination is UkraineCroatia or somewhere in the middle, the region is just as safe, if not safer, than the go-to cities and countries in Western Europe.”

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European Tours for Young Adults

“European tour operators are no longer an assembly line of notable landmarks, lanyard name tags and coach buses. Travel has shifted to become a more authentic, personalized experience. Though 18- to 30-somethings have endless options to experience Iceland to Greece, and every country in between, with a little preplanning, every trip can be unforgettable.”

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How to Plan a Trip to La Paz, Mexico

AROUND LA PAZ, the capital city of Mexico’s Baja California Sur, locals are known as Los Paceños. The “Peaceful Ones,” visitors quickly discover, are proud to show off the culture, arts, and cuisine of their city — a trait that keeps the heart of La Paz beating strong even as the bigger and louder tourist towns of Mexico succumb to development.

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Where to Eat and Drink in Memphis, TN

Choosing which restaurant or bar to visit is never a quick decision, especially when it’s in Memphis, Tennessee.

With barbecue joints seemingly every few feet and unique options scattered across the city like The Majestic Grille, a 1930s theatre turned restaurant that screens black-and-white films, this food scene will please gourmands and atmospheric foodies alike. We’ve selected a few options to satisfy all caliber of tastebuds for every meal of the day and a nightcap too.

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9 experiences to have in Greenville, SC

Pro tip #1: Follow the Swamp Rabbit’s mile markers and look for the carrots when you want something to eat or drink — they signal that a restaurant (or two) lies within the next mile. If you can keep at it for the entire ride to Travelers Rest, there’ll be sweet and savory crepes at Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse waiting for you as your (much-deserved) reward.

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Street Art for Social Commentary in Belgrade, Serbia

On the streets of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, graffiti functions as more than just art — it is also social commentary. Walking along the streets, down alleyways, and through alcoves, one sees walls sprayed with messages from Syrian migrants, warnings about corporatism, and supportive statements on the fight for women’s equality. Scattered from Savamala to Stari Grad, meaning “old town,” this city’s street art celebrates self-expression and aims for improvement of myriad social issues. From the heart of the old town to the urban waterfront neighborhood, these are the stomping grounds of the city’s most notable artists.

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Cycling Western North Carolina

When the air turns cool and the leaves turn gold, cyclists turn to Western North Carolina to experience the changing scenery from two wheels. Autumn group rides in the region feature options for all experience levels and highlight the gorgeous landscape while raising money for nonprofits.

Local cyclist Travis Collins says there’s much to love about cycling in the North Carolina mountains. “What I like most is the scenery, for sure. We have unbelievable cycling in our part of the world,” he says. “Our roads are in pretty good shape, and within a short drive you can be by yourself in the saddle.”

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Photo courtesy of the Tour de Pumpkin.