The Benefits of a Gap Year

Over the past 3 years, my travels, instincts, and time away from classes taught me more about myself than anything I experienced before. Had I taken a gap year, I might have realized earlier where I should have been all along. One thought I’m sure of: when I cross the stage in May 2018 to receive my college degrees, I will not regret a single delay in the six-year process. Life is not on an arrival-departure schedule, and I will always be contemplating which direction to follow next.

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The Essential Books for Home Bartending

Amid the current cocktail revitalization, shaking up a classic or twisting familiar flavors will impress all houseguests. Like any good cocktail, there are three components to becoming a skilled bartender. Each of our selected books specializes in one of those components: stocking the bar, crafting a balanced drink and expanding on the range of recipes.

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Photo courtesy of Micah LeMon.