The Classic City’s Classic Venues

Music is deeply entrenched into Athens, Georgia. Neutral Milk Hotel, Drive By Truckers, Perpetual Groove and even Zach Brown Band all call Athens home or received their start in the small college town. From the well-established and epochal venues to the unsuspecting, these are the five venues to visit in the Classic City. Lace up your walking shoes and get ready to travel through time to explore Athen’s historic music scene.

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Photo courtesy of Visit Athens Ga.

The Best Travel Shows on Netflix

Most traveling is done out there. We lace up our shoes, pack up our gear, sling our fancy cameras around our necks and just go. No looking back. There are times, however, when we’re relaxing at home, recharging our batteries, and need some inspiration to get us on our feet again. From wildlife wonder in Africa, to alcoholic shenanigans in Booze Traveler, to old-fashion treasure-hunting in Expedition Unknown, these Netflix picks will reignite your curiosity and push you out the door for another adventure.

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Photo by wikicommons, CC0.

Inspired Travel: The Best Bike & Hike Adventures

In a world where travel is measured by Instagram photos, Facebook check-ins and take-off tweets, a return to seeking out experiences is in order. While many tour companies focus on trips that check off major countries on any travelers’ list, one operator ventures deeper into the community of people that call those destinations home. In this Inspired Travel, Paste Travel explores three trips with opportunities to connect with the people and environment by traveling at a deeper level and creating experiential memories.

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Photo courtesy of BikeHike Adventures.

Breathtaking Balkans: The Best of Croatia

Croatia is a country of contrast. Composed of lush valleys, densely-wooded forests, hilltop towns and plunging cliffs that meet the Adriatic, there is a scene to please any traveler in this boomerang-shaped Balkan country. From cave exploration to truffle hunting, one tourism operator, VMD, offers enough adventures to create the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience. This edition of Breathtaking Balkans explores four of VMD’s best itineraries.

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Guide to North Bend, Washington

One hundred sixty-five miles south of Vancouver and 144 miles east of the Pacific Coast lies the somnolent town of North Bend, otherwise known as Twin Peaks. While the suburb is known for its television presence, just 30 minutes from Seattle over the Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge and down I-90 sits a perfect host of the northwest. From the fruit pies to iconic views, catch up on your favorite memories in anticipation of the 2017 season with our guide to the Twin Peaks.

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Checklist: Brevard, North Carolina

Brevard, North Carolina is an Asheville suburb nestled in the valley below the Blue Ridge Parkway. Brevard College and Steve Martin’s backing band, Steep Canyon Rangers, call Brevard home and are both part of the quirky community brimming with year-round activities and events year-round. For a well-rounded cultural experience, head for the hills of Transylvania county and forget the Deliverance stereotype of Appalachia.

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Breathtaking Balkans: Montenegro

Montenegro is a study in extreme parts coming together to make an exquisite whole. This small Balkan country—bordered by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania in Southeast Europe—packs a big adventure punch. Its varied landscape includes beautiful and jagged mountain ranges that soar to nearly 8,300 feet and the Adriatic Sea on its southwestern border. The fjord-esque coastline, highlighted by the Bay or Kotor, is juxtaposed by the characteristic Mediterranean red-tiled roofs. From the deepest gorge in Europe, the Tara River Canyon, to its soaring peaks, Montenegro is heaven for any explorer.

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Photo courtesy of Black Mountain Montenegro.